The Global Media Project established Pathways to Production: Storytelling in South Africa in 2018 to connect South African students to their history and culture locally and across the African Diaspora through media education and production.

Pathways to Production (P2P) is dedicated to the lives of our future leaders who live in rural Johannesburg townships by introducing them to the television and film industry as a means to empower themselves and their communities, encourage social inclusion, provide workforce and technical skills development as well as the tools to create their own stories and video ideas.

P2P offers students an alternate educational pathway by connecting them to local production professionals and companies to gain employment which also supports innovation and entrepreneurship.

Project Methods and Design

The media program is designed to give students the tools and training to obtain a job in Television and Film production, while encouraging and empowering them to continue their education by utilizing the continued support of mentors and volunteers in South Africa and the United States.

Each activity is designed to empower young adults and encourage social inclusion within the Television and Film industry. By offering students the access and opportunity to obtain careers in the entertainment industry, we hope to close the gap in disparities currently facing young adults in rural townships living in South Africa. Each student should feel empowered and capable of entering the workforce after completing the program.

By gaining employment and a career they can be proud of, they will be able to encourage others by example and promote prosperity. Therefore, helping to grow their communities economy and contribute to job creation and access.