GMP Founder Kimberly Renee Selden is a Television Producer and Media Professional whose credits include:  Oprah Behind the Scenes, Food Network’s Next Food Star, The Victoria Secret Fashion Show, MTV’s Video Music Awards, NBA All Star, and many more.

With a bigger vision in mind, Kimberly uses her advanced skills in organization, creativity, and leadership to bring like minds together to develop compelling content that advances communities through the use of radio, television, film, and social media. Her theory is that communication is the catalyst to change.  After realizing the power and impact of media during her time in West Africa and completing her Masters Degree in Media Arts, Kimberly embarked on a quest to properly train newcomers in the industry through The Global Media Project.  She continues to work towards the advancement of women and marginalized communities using media convergence as her main tool. As she merges theory (teaching) and practice (creating), she strives to further human advancement while bridging the digital divide by introducing new narratives and spreading global awareness of social issues using media (radio, television, film, and social media) as her muse.

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