Orla Manning

Orla Manning is a multimedia producer specializing in reality and docuseries programming. Her work has aired on a variety of broadcast and digital channels, including MTV, BET, CBS and Oxygen. A native New Yorker, Orla holds a B.A. in Communications from The State University of New York at Cortland. She is also a graduate of the Made in New York Production Assistant Training Program and credits the course with helping her discover her passion for storytelling.

As a content creator, Orla’s mission is to find innovative ways to give people a glimpse into the lives of others. That includes bringing awareness to issues and causes that impact local communities, as well as communities around the world. She’s also a huge believer in giving back and sharing her knowledge with others. In 2018, she began volunteering with The SHALK (Sharing Hope And Leadership in Kliptown), a community center in SOWETO. She plans to partner with Johannesburg-area production crews to introduce local children to video production careers.

A couple of Orla’s most memorable projects include traveling the country as a video producer for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, where she produced several of the campaign’s most viewed and shared social videos; and documenting the journey of first-time filmmakers on the Go90.com series Rebel Without A Crew, a project led by acclaimed filmmaker Robert Rodriguez.